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Hearing aids are a kind of sound enhancement products to help deaf people or elderly people; students can also use them as reading aids to amplify their voices when reciting texts in English, which helps to concentrate.
Now our store is introducing a set of hearing aids made of discrete components, which is suitable for students majoring in electronics to study, research and school teaching and training.
Although the circuit is simple, but due to the addition of a negative feedback circuit, and the selection of a high-sensitivity electret microphone, making the sound loud and bright, high fidelity, can be heard within 10 meters.
As long as the correct welding according to the diagram, connected to the 3V button battery, plug in headphones (mono or dual channel headphones can be), the switch to the "on" position, you can normally use.
PCB board size: 3.1 x 4.6 CM
PCB sheet: FR-4 A-grade fiberglass panel
Working voltage: 3V
Package Included:

5 x DIY High Fidelity Deaf Hearing Aids Audio Amplifier Kit

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